Welcome to FlipBlue


FlipBlue is dedicated to forming a new, Democratic coalition centered around youth organizing and pragmatic politics. We seek to build a strong community of political activists who recognize the electoral challenges the Democratic Party faces in its future. Through networking, campaigning, and student empowerment, FlipBlue strives to capitalize on the Democratic Party’s broadening coalition to advance nuanced liberal reforms. Political homelessness is an epidemic, and through improved messaging and political infrastructure, FlipBlue aims to facilitate difficult conversations and incorporate those from across the ideological spectrum.


FlipBlue, the newest political organization at the University of Michigan, seeks to improve on Joe Biden's record-shattering electoral victory. Formed by alumni of the Biden campaign on campus, we recognized the widening gap between college campuses and mainstream political discourse. As such, FlipBlue strives to close this gap and combat political homelessness. We have extensive political experience, from interning with the Michigan ONE Campaign and the Florida Democratic Party to working with Max Rose and Beto O'Rourke. We are Democrats who want to not only elevate pragmatic voices on campus, but incorporate those from both the left and the right to build America back better. Thus, we are focused on making politics more accessible, both to those who want to get involved in campaigns or public policy, as well as those who have previously not engaged with the political landscape and are making a foray into understanding politics deeper. 


We hope you’ll find your home on campus with FlipBlue, and will join us to make a meaningful difference in the political sphere throughout the country. 


If you're looking to make a difference and join FlipBlue, we have events weekly! This semester, we had events with Fmr. Rep. and Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Rep. Haley Stevens, and more. Sign up below to join us for next semester!


If you have questions or want us to work with your campaign, send us an email below! We'd love to hear from you!