Our Work


Even as a new organization, FlipBlue’s campaigning accomplishments have impacted the most competitive races of our decade. From setting turnout records in Orange County, FL to helping the Biden-Harris ticket flip Michigan, our team has been on the front lines fighting for Democratic values.


By November 3rd, 2020, the FlipBlue team solidified their status as the founders of the most prominent and largest political organization in University of Michigan history. In the run-up to the 2020 election, we mobilized over 400 volunteers who made nearly one hundred thousand calls, sent tens of thousands of texts, and put in countless hours of volunteer work. Thanks to our accomplishments, Washtenaw County was not only the most Democratic county in Michigan, but also boasted the highest margin and turnout for a Democratic nominee for president in U of M history. 


Outside of Michigan’s campus, FlipBlue has been at the forefront of recent elections. Members of the team have worked with politicians as big as Max Rose and Beto O’Rourke, and as small as State Rep. Yoni Pizer and Mayor Derek Dobies of Jackson, MI. We’ve managed campaigns, worked on leadership councils, coordinated with the Democratic National Committee, and designed electoral strategies as political consultants. These experiences have left us determined to make our mark, and excited to found an organization that promotes sensible Democratic values to shape our country’s future.


As a member of FlipBlue, you’ll receive an education in organizing while finding your community on campus. We want to help students find their political home on campus while promoting civic engagement and student activism, as well as bring people currently not involved in politics into the fold. We seek to empower students to work on campaigns across the country and gain hands-on experience working with elected officials. We hope to challenge mainstream campus discourse by hosting discussions on a broad range of issues and daring to entertain all sides of a debate. 


Ultimately, we are an organization for the political center that wants to create a space on campus for those shut out from an increasingly polarized ideological divide, while also welcoming both progressives and disaffected conservatives who are interested in difficult conversations and expanding the Democratic coalition with open arms.